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Field Scheduling Tool

Year 2019

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Provide a transformational solution via a digitalinteraction that would help administer the incoming and scaling requests to test or activate servicesand organize standing resources to maximize thesupport during business hours—minimizing the“fire drill” requests.


Product development
Staff augmentation
Product design



The Problem

Over the years, the CTL Support Team had to administer on-demand and schedule incoming requests for various support tiers to several problems given by Field Engineers.
Field Engineers were on-site through the installation process or post-launch providing support to clients. Given the volume of submissions and challenges over the years, Field Engineers have developed mechanics to reach out to the Support Team on-demand creating chaos and streamlining a process. Everything turned into emergency requests.


The Solution

We've designed and implemented an end-to-end multitiered scheduling and ticketing solution. All requests and assignments to Testing Engineers were standardized. In addition, the solution provided a real-time breakdown of allocation by group or by an individual monthly or annually that helped understand the seasonality and scaling required to cover Tester Engineer to handle tasks rescheduling avoiding management overload and case resolution.

The results

The Results

Reduction of emergency requests by 20% in the first quarter of implementation and 50% by the second quarter. Unsuccessful Field services dispatches were reduced to a minimum (mainly due to customer’s access issues). Increased availability of testers during business hours and with the possibility to measure LOE for every stage in the process and allow metric driven decision making for resources in both areas.

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